Diabetes-Linked Amputations Declining, Study Finds

The rate for upper and lower leg amputations fell 47 percent among people with diabetes over the decade, and the rate of lower extremity amputations alone declined about 29 percent during that time period. only partial toe amputations, which have less impact on quality of life, rose during that time period — by 24 percent.. Diabetes-linked amputations declining, study finds. admin. august 15, 2019. general diabetes information. updated: — search for: references. recent posts. do this daily and cure diabetes permanently; planning a low-cost diabetes diet; 118 blood sugar; say goodbye to diabetes without any medications;. Diabetes-linked amputations declining, study finds 19 july 2013, by marijke vroomen durning, healthday reporter although disease rates are rising, orthopedic treatments have improved, experts say.. Continue reading “Diabetes-Linked Amputations Declining, Study Finds”

How To Lower Red Blood Cell Count Naturally

A person with a low red blood cell count has anemia.this medical condition causes fatigue and a lack of energy. once diagnosed, a doctor may recommend blood transfusions or taking medication to increase blood cell production. an anemia patient can help to relieve the symptoms of this disorder by eating well and making sure that he or she gets enough rest… Red blood cells eliminate carbon dioxide. how to increase red blood cells. some of the symptoms of anemia or low erythrocytes are apathy and weakness. lack of iron is the most common cause of a lower red blood cell count. to increase the amount, we recommend making some changes in your diet and your daily habits:. If a medical condition is causing a high red blood cell count, your doctor may recommend a procedure or medication to lower it. in a procedure called a phlebotomy, a health professional inserts a needle into your vein and drains blood through a tube into a bag or container.. Continue reading “How To Lower Red Blood Cell Count Naturally”