Diabetes Tied To Dementia In Latinos

Diabetes tied to dementia in latinos why are alzheimer’s rates so high among latinos are california’s fastest-growing early evidence suggests that dementia could be tied to diabetes ,. prevalence of dementia in older latinos: the influence of type 2 diabetes mellitus, able to type 2 diabetes mellitus, stroke, or a combination of the two…. Decarli led a study published earlier this year in the journal of alzheimer’s disease suggesting that while alzheimer’s is more prevalent among whites with dementia, hispanics who have dementia are more likely to suffer from cerebrovascular disease than their white and african american peers.. Early evidence suggests that dementia could be tied to diabetes, which has become prevalent in the latino population. “there’s more diabetes in the latino/ hispanic population, and we think…. Continue reading “Diabetes Tied To Dementia In Latinos”