Fructosamine To A1c Converter

The hba1c test, also known as the haemoglobin a1c or glycated haemoglobin test, is an important blood test that gives a good indication of how well your diabetes is being controlled. together with the fasting plasma glucose test, the hba1c test is one of the main ways in which type 2 diabetes is diagnosed.. hba1c tests are not the primary diagnostic test for type 1 diabetes but may sometimes.

Or need a different test altogether, like with some types of anaemia. a fructosamine test can be used instead, but it’s very rare. an hba1c test is also used to diagnose diabetes, and to keep an eye on your levels if you’re at risk of developing diabetes (you have prediabetes). the test is sometimes called haemoglobin a1c or just a1c..